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Scaloppine con Marsala

I have learned to make this dish from my father many years ago. Last month, when I visited him in Rome, he gave me many bottles of Marsala wine, among other foods.

The taste of Marsala is unique, it's a must for succeed. Only the meat you can change if you cannot find veal.

You can substitute with beef or pork or turkey, make sure it has been cut thin.

It will surprise you how easy and fast this dish will be, so make sure all the setting and other servings are ready!

A fresh salad and some french fries for the youngest.

You will need:

Veal 400g - 8 slices

400 g Marsala

100 g vegetable broth

70 g butter

50 g extra vergin olive oil

40 g flour



Flour the veal slices on both sides and then shake them to remove the excess flour.

In a pan melt the butter and then add the olive oil.

Add the floured veal slices, salt and pepper and brown them two minutes per side.

Add the Marsala and let the alcohol evaporate. Then add the vegetable broth and let the meat cook a few minutes more.

Serve hot with a fresh salad, french fries and focaccia, not forgetting a good red wine!



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