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Potato Gnocchi

A foggy and rainy day, perfect for staying inside and making some potato gnocchi!

Boil potatoes in salted water for 40-50 minutes or until tender.

Tip! Leave the potato's skin on and use a potato masher so you get a fluffy texture.

Sift the flour on the pastry board in a fountain shape.

No need to peel the potatoes because the peel will remain inside the potato masher. So easy!

Then add lightly beaten egg together with a pinch of salt.

Mix everything with your hand until you get a compact dough. Feels wonderful!

Take a part of the dough and roll it out with your fingertips to get 2 cm thick loaves.

Spring some semolina flour on the work surface from time to time if the dough is too sticky.

Cut the loaves into chunks.

Use a fork and drag them on the tines.

Cook the gnocchi in boiling salted water.

As soon as they come to surface, the gnocchi are cooked and ready to be mixed in the gorgonzola sauce.


0,5 kg of potatoes

150 g "00" flour

1 egg


durum wheat semolina

Gorgonzola, Salvia and Butter sauce

Add some oil and butter in a frying pan.

Slice a handful of salvia and add to the oil/butter mixture.

Add the gorgonzola cheese and reduce heat to low.

Let the cheese melt and add the cooked gnocchi, stir and serve with parmesan cheese and black pepper.

I hope you love it, Rolf was thrilled!

Buon appetito!



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