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Pasta asciutta!

This pasta is for onion lovers! White onions turn so deliciously sweet when heated.

A high quality tuna fillet in olive oil and some olives.

Garnish with some parsley leaves.

Boil a big pot of water and give a nice handful of sea salt.

Pasta sticks together easily, stir with a pasta ladle. Handy for serving too!

Heat olive oil in a deep frying pan or wok. Add onions, stir in salt to help draw out liquid from onions. Let it simmer until soft. (This is the most challenging part of this recipe).

Add the tuna and the olives.

Add the pasta in the pan.

Give it a nice "stirly whirly" in the hot sauce.

Serve with some parsley and parmeggiano reggiano.

Enjoy with the best (tanned) company you have, with some chilled Rosato (Gianni Doglia).

How beautiful is the light in the end of September in northern Italy!

You'll need:

Extra virgin olive oil

One big onion or two small onions

Good quality tunafish in extra virgin olive oil

Taggiasche olives



A drizzle of lemon juice

Parsley leaves

Linguine pasta

Sea salt

Buon appetito!



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