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Fast roasted veggies

Only with a good sharp knife you can enjoy the process. A wooden cutting board, mine is made of olive wood, is easy to clean and beautiful to look at.

Cut all the veggies you like. Harder vegetables like carrot, potato, sweet potato, parsnips, pumpkin need a longer time, so cut them in smaller pieces. Softer vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, green bean, onion will cook more quickly.

Let the oven temperature rise to 220°C.

Make sure the veggies are well dried after washing so you will get crispy and nicely roasted veggies.

Toss all the cutted veggies with a good olive oil. Start with a few tablespoons, you don't want to overwhelm them. Use your fingers here and make sure they are evenly coated! The oil will give a nice colour and an irresistible taste.

Add some salt, pepper and spices as you prefer. The baking sheet shouldn't be crowded otherwise you will get steamed vegetables!

Let the oven do his job and relax a bit.

After 20 min, try with a fork and take from the oven when they are ready. I like mine veggies "al dente", not too soft.

Sprinkle with pepper and serve with feta cheese on top.

(In my dish I used cooked lens on the bottom).

Buon appetito,


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