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Destination Italia (part 2)

Egestorf in Germany seemed a nice place to have some traditional food and a brake for our four legs. After Ebba scanned the sorrounding, was time to taste a good beer (only our son Eric who wasn’t driving) and a nice schnitzel.

My choice was beetroot with one of the best potatoes I have ever eaten. You know, potatoes need salt in the cooking water. And they really got it! Chilled white wine was a match.

In life small things matter, and one of these is the way people say hello. A group of six elderly people came and sit near our table. Everyone looked at us and said hello with a big smile. That’s it. German people got me!

Next step to Darmstadt, quite late and very spontanously we went to an Italian restaurant D’ Oliva.

And here is the surprise!! Ebba got her own plate with the most tender filet cut in 12 small pieces. We didn’t ask for it, they just served it with the nicest smile I have ever seen. Blessed.

Weinheim for a nice sleep and then towards Switzerland.




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