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Final Destination Piedmont

THE house, gorgeous.

Smart working at its best.

I promised Ebba, that when we arrive to Piedmont and open the gate of our rented house, we jump to the swimming pool. So we did! Happy, happy, happy!

And a welcoming Bellini, salute!

A wety doggy :)

Castagnole delle Lanze with all her beauty!

Bel Sit, our neighbour vineyard has a story that begins in 1870. Since the spring of 2019, the entire property has been taken over by Andrea and Gianpiero Scavino.

Moscato D´Asti (dessert wine), Barbera La Turna (everyday table wine), Barbera CunSej, Barbera Sichivej (deep colour, full body wine).

Almost everyone in the area has vineyards, orchards, hazelnut..

Almost everything is quite new to us, we are going to learn new things and new Italian habits.

The first and most important will be the meaning of siesta. From 1 pm to 3 pm you will not see anyone anywhere, and if you are hungry, try to find your home, make a spaghettata and take a nap!

A presto!



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