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Destination Italia (part 1)

You have three different choices when starting driving to Italy: Via Baltia, Travemunde or Stockholm.

The last one was our choice number 1. We knew it was not possible to stay in my beautiful Stockholm (I think I have lived there my previous life, maybe a countess or something fancy) because the Covid 19 situation, so when the boat arrived in Stockholm very early in the morning, we just stepped off and drove to Denmark.

Crossing the bridge was a big hurray and when we arrived to one of my favourite hotels located in the historical Copenhagen, Babette (Guldsmeden hotels), we went with Ebba in the nearest park, named Churchill, (you can read more from wikipedia) where the dogs run free and people smile like we are old friends. Both things make me very very happy.

Babette hotel is very simple but in the same time there is some luxury I so enjoy. Sustainability with a relaxed way that makes you feel you really made a good choice.

The restaurant Skagen Fiske in the garden where we ate crunchy Fish and chips

Could breakfast be more inviting?!

Stay tuned for 2. part. Something surprising happened to Ebba in an Italian restaurant in Germany. Aufwiedersehen!



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