"Nyt opetellaan keittiössä uusia taitoja, kokeillaan haastavampia reseptejä, kaivetaan nonnan vanhat opit esille ja laitetaan ne jakoon jälkipolville.

Luodaan makumuistoja."


This is me,


Welcome to my messy but fun kitchen!

I'm a Foodist with a big F! 

The best time of the day is thinking what I'll cook for my family and then actually getting to the heart of my house, the kitchen, and filling it with amazing smells.

A frequent friend in the kitchen is my husband Rolf, our Australian Labradoodle Ebba, (who I may or may not give bits and pieces while cooking (shhh! Don't tell my husband)), and sometimes even my four children. 

With an Italian father and Finnish mother I've been lucky to grow up mix and matching two very different (in a good way!) food cultures. Now I want to welcome you to step into my kitchen filled with love, laughter and yum tastes. Let's get messy! 


Con amore in cucina with cristina ver3 (


Pasta is my superhero. When all else fails, pasta will save the day.


The best part of any meal is the company. Either that or the wine.


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Miksi rakastamme sitä mitä teemme, emmekä vaihtaisi sitä mihinkään...


Jaa kanssani resepti-ideoita ja muita ajatuksia!

Let's chat!

Kiitos viestistäsi!