a happily "mixed" family whose everyday life is made up of Italian, Swedish and Finnish customs and food culture.

We've never had time, or even want, to seek perfection – we laugh at mistakes and go with the flow, especially in the kitchen! For us, family and good food have always been the foundation of a happy life.


Good food makes love visible.
Cristina & Rolf Moborg


was established in 1991 by my husband and his father in their garage. Today we have close to 2000 carefully selected products in our selection, we operate in 5 different countries and employ 17 people mostly in our office & warehouse in Kaarina. 

Cooking at home is so much fun and a lot easier than people often think. We at Heirol want to inspire people to cook more at home – and spend time around the table with loved ones.



Safety and sustainability have governed our choice of products and manufacturers for over 20 years. As parents of four it was always clear to us that our products must be nontoxic and durable. Only high quality and fair play will do. Besides, we too use the products with our kids every day at home, just like our customers. It’s a no brainer really.

I never much cared for plastic as a material. So we avoid using plastic in packaging, and from the start of 2019, our popular Steely utensil range, for example, will be wrapped in ecological tissue paper.

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